Zimbabwe Evaluation Society Constitution




The name of the association shall be the Zimbabwe Evaluation Society (ZES) hereafter referred to as Society.


The Society is incorporated under the name Zimbabwe Evaluation Society


3.1 In this constitution, unless a contrary intention appears –

“constitution” means this document, the Act, Regulation and Guiding Principles;

“executive” means the elected office hears of the Society, namely, the resident, vice president, secretary, vice-secretary, treasurer, vice-treasure, Public Relations Office and one committee member;

“financial year” means the year ending 18 September each and every year’

“member” means a member, however described , of the Society;

“general member” means a member of the Society who is not a member of the executive of the Society’

“region” means any geographic area in Zimbabwe (province) recognised by the Society as having sufficient members to enable the furtherance of the Society’s aims and objectives;

“regional group” means a group formed by members from within a recognised region (provincial chapters) and approved by the Executive. A regional group has no separate legal entity but remains a party of the Society.

“regional representative” means a member elected to the regional committee who I appointed by the committee to represent members of the region on the board.

“seeding funds” means funds allocated temporarily by the Society to a committee, regional group or other group to support specified activities approved by the Society in furtherance of the Society’s aim and which shall be repaid within a specified period of time.

“deed” means the laws governing Societies in Zimbabwe;

“the regulations” means the laid down was of running the Society.


The aim of the Society is to improve the theory, practice, and use of evaluation through;


You may request a copy of the constitution from the Secretariat on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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